The seminars were held between September 6 and 10, 2021. Each of the seminars focused on a branch of knowledge, exposing the main thematic lines in which to carry out doctoral theses. Ibero-American Master’s graduates were invited to exchange views with professors and researchers from the doctoral programs and lines of research presented. There were also testimonies from Ibero-American graduates and doctoral students and a time for questions.






ACCESS TO EXCERPTS FROM THE WEBINARS (General aspects of the branches of knowledge, specific doctoral programs, lines of doctoral research, testimonials from international graduates and doctoral students, administrative aspects of the doctorate, among others)

Contact mail: subedoc@unizar.es

Webinars 2021.

1. Who are the seminars for?

The seminars are intended primarily for Ibero-American graduates recommended by their professors due to their possible interest in doing a doctorate at the University of Zaragoza.

In the second instance, the seminars are also open to professors and academic managers who want to learn more about the Doctoral School in order to recommend it to future doctoral students.

2. What disciplines are covered in the seminars?

The seminars are thematic and each of them presents a selection of lines of research in the disciplines belonging to each of the following branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, and Engineering and Architecture. The list of specific disciplines integrated in each branch can be consulted here:: https://escueladoctorado.unizar.es/es/programas-doctoradouniversidad-zaragoza.

3. What themes are developed?

In each seminar, the selection of thematic lines included in its program is presented https://escueladoctorado.unizar.es/es/internacionalizacion-eduz-2021=
However, the seminar also includes a presentation of the training and research opportunities of all the programs of the corresponding branch of knowledge, so that attendees can find references to other possible topics of interest.

4. Can these webinars be interesting for me if I already plan to start my thesis in Zaragoza soon?

Yes, the webinar is an opportunity to learn more about the environment in which the doctorate is developed at our University, not only in academic and administrative aspects but also from a human point of view, with the testimonies of program coordinators, researchers, doctoral students and graduates. It is also the occasion to make inquiries to the participants and to take note of contacts for future occasions.

6. Is there talk of financing and other important basic aspects to do the doctorate?

Although the purpose of the seminars is to disseminate doctoral research opportunities at the University of Zaragoza, there will be a time for consultations on practical aspects, such as those related to financing, providing basic information on the matter and addresses and forms of contact for further consultations.